Tire symbols

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195/55 R15 84 H – tire size195 – tire width.55 – tire heightR – radial tire.15 – rim diameter84 – load index (see load index table) .H – speed index (see speed index table).

Tire symbols

MAX PRESSURE – maximum allowable tire pressure.

‍MAX LOAD – maximum permissible load

‍REINFORCED – Reinforced tire.

‍TUBE TIRE – inner tube.

‍TUBELESS – tubeless tire.

REGROOVABLE – possibility to deepen the tire tread.

‍RADIAL – radial tire.

‍M & S (Mud + Snow) winter tires or all-season tires.

‍All Season – tires for year-round use.

‍Rotation – direction of tire rotation.

‍Outside и Inside (Side Facing Out and Side Facing Inwards) asymmetrical tires, which must be fitted in strict compliance with the tire mounting requirements on the rim.

‍Left / Right – means that this model of tires can be mounted on the left or right.

‍RAIN, WATER, AQUA – rain tires.E (letter inside circle) – tire meets European requirements ECE.
‍DOT – cooking time.

EmperTemperature А, В, С – tire resistance at high temperature, high speed (A – best performance).

‍Traction А, В, С – tire braking distance on wet ground (A – best performance).

‍Treadwear – wear resistance factor (factor 100 corresponds to approximately 48,000 km).

Other markings

A.G.T. – (All Grip Traction) – suitable for use in all weather conditions.

‍B.S.W. – (Black Side Wall) – black side.